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Welcome to Tab Group Marine Engineering (TGME), where innovation intersects with expertise in the domain of waterfront infrastructure across both oceanic and inland waterway settings. As trailblazers in the field of engineering consultancy, TGME stands as a beacon of excellence, continuously redefining industry benchmarks through every project we undertake.

At TGME, we transcend the role of mere consultants; we are visionaries, craftsmen, and stewards of aquatic environments. Our mission is clear yet profound: to deliver unmatched design solutions and thorough underwater inspections that surpass the expectations of our Federal, State, and private clients.

Distinguished by our steadfast dedication to excellence, TGME has forged a reputation as the premier partner for projects necessitating precision, efficacy, and ingenuity. Our commitment to “getting it done” isn’t merely a slogan but a fundamental tenet of our ethos, underscored by our consistent track record of exceptional performance ratings.

At TGME, our distinction lies in our holistic engineering approach, seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art technology with traditional craftsmanship to develop solutions that endure. With each endeavor, our aim is not merely to meet standards but to surpass them, establishing a legacy of excellence.

Join us as we navigate uncharted territories, challenge conventions, and shape the evolution of marine engineering. At TGME, the adventure is as remarkable as the destination, and we extend a warm invitation for you to embark on this journey with us.

Welcome to the forefront of marine engineering. Welcome to TGME.



David Stefano

Crafted specifically for the United States Navy, this innovative basin breathes new life into a previously inadequate dry dock, now capable of accommodating the modern fleet of submarines.

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