For over 25 years, TGME has been a trusted provider of high-quality marine and waterfront engineering services to federal government agencies. Since securing our inaugural US Navy contract award in 1994, followed by our first US Coast Guard contract award in 1995, TGME has remained steadfast in our commitment to supporting these entities. Our continued engagement through subsequent contract awards has allowed us to cultivate a deep institutional understanding, ensuring the consistent delivery of engineering excellence.

Beyond simply fulfilling assigned task orders, we actively collaborate with our clients to identify opportunities for enhancing systems and processes, thereby adding significant value to our partnerships. The success of this collaborative approach is evident in the numerous Exceptional performance assessments bestowed upon us by our federal government clients.

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With a wealth of experience dating back to 1994, TGME boasts extensive expertise in designing institutional-quality facilities tailored for research vessels and academic programs. Our engineers possess up-to-date knowledge and a deep understanding of the specific design prerequisites essential for accommodating coastal/offshore research, laboratory research, and educational initiatives.

The TGME team has successfully delivered engineering services for esteemed academic research institutions, including Maine Maritime, US Coast Guard Academy, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, US Naval Academy, University of Maine Darling Marine Center, University of Rhode Island Narragansett Bay Campus, University of New Hampshire, and numerous others.

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TGME possesses unparalleled expertise in inspecting and designing waterfront and dry-docking facilities across government and private shipyards nationwide. Our comprehensive services encompass condition surveys, certification, facility upgrades, repair design, structural analysis, material sampling and testing, tunnel and pump well inspections, environmental regulatory approvals, and construction support services for various shipyard waterfront facilities, including dry docks, crane rails, cradle zones, and fitting out piers.

With specialized knowledge of shipyard facilities for vessel dry docking and fitting out, our team is dedicated to completing inspections and phased designs while ensuring shipyards remain operational throughout the project duration. This often entails phasing construction around vessel dockings and other mission-critical activities. Our overarching goal is to support shipyards in efficiently overhauling vessels and facilitating seamless operations.

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TGME boasts extensive experience in inspecting and designing shoreline and offshore aids to navigation (ATON) towers for both the US Coast Guard and private clients across the nation. With a portfolio encompassing over 60 towers, we've tackled various environmental challenges, including ice, design waves exceeding 20 feet, and formidable winds and currents.

Our approach to tower design prioritizes durability and efficiency, employing specialized techniques and leveraging prefabrication and templated structures to expedite construction processes. Furthermore, TGME has actively provided construction administration services for the replacement of numerous individual US Coast Guard ATON towers, ensuring seamless project execution from inception to completion.

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For decades, TGME has been a trusted provider of waterfront engineering services to Port Authorities and cargo terminal owners. Our team of engineers specializes in a wide range of waterfront facilities, including liquid and bulk cargo facilities, commercial fishing piers, marinas, cruise terminals, and more.

Our comprehensive services encompass material handling enhancements through marine structural design, waterfront inspection services, 3D modeling, planning studies, and construction support services. With our expertise and dedication to excellence, we strive to deliver tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each client and ensure the efficient and safe operation of their waterfront facilities.

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